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What Factors Are Used To Value A Luxury Home In Redlands?

To determine a price when selling a home, you have to understand how a home is valued.

And when you’re selling a luxury home in Redlands, CA, you’ll need to know how your property stands up to the rest.

Obviously, no two luxury homes are alike. Trying to value a property by comparing it to others in square footage or lot size will not take into account many of the extra features that make a luxury home. However, these are some factors you can expect a real estate agent to consider when valuing luxury properties in Redlands.

  • Location: Where your home is located will be one of the factors that are important to valuation. Most luxury properties can be found in areas that are considered to be the most coveted.
  • Outside Space: Clearly, a several-acre lot will be more suitable to a larger home than a 0.25 acre one. But how is this space used? Outdoor elements like swimming pools, water features, horse facilities, and even tennis and athletic facilities will all add dollar signs to your home’s price.
  • Market Research: While you’ll have to work harder to find comps for luxury homes, there is a bit of science to pricing a home in any market. Try to compare properties that are in the same areas, as location can make a massive difference in cost.
  • Market Activity: Part of understanding the local luxury home market is seeing what real estate activity is like today. Are homes sitting on the market, or are they selling right away? Are buyers paying list price?
  • Maintenance: The state of your home will be a considerable component of the valuation. When a buyer is searching for a luxury property, they’ll take note of how your home looks in photos, virtual tours, and drive-by visits; the better maintained it is, the better the chance that they’ll take the next step.
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4 Steps That Will Help You Relocate To Redlands With Ease — And Style

You just received the news — it’s time to move out-of-state for work, health, or family. 

Now what?

Moving is never a simple process, even if you’re just headed a couple of blocks away. Moving across the country, on the other hand, can be a bit more of a challenge.

And when you’re shopping for a luxury home in your new destination of Redlands, it can be even harder to figure out which properties are truly luxurious, and which only look that way. Not to mention, some luxury homeowners may not publicly list their homes, meaning working with an agent is the only way to know they exist.

That’s why your first step should always be to contact an established and respected local real estate agent. Before you’ve even set foot in your new city, they’ll know the properties to show you, and the ones to avoid.

Your agent will help walk you through the process, whether you’re onsite or not, but these are four additional steps you can take to make your transition smooth.

1. Check out listings — within reason 

Looking through available listings is a great way to know what you can generally expect for homes in the area. But you don’t want to fall in love with something sight-unseen just because it photographs well. Make sure to also check out what’s around the property on Google Maps.

2. Make financing easier

If you already have an existing relationship with a national bank, it’s definitely worth approaching them about financing early on. Because they know what your portfolio looks like and have a history of doing business with you, the process can move faster. 

3. Anticipate what could come

Are you interested in a new construction property in Redlands? You want to be sure that potential construction delays don’t put you in a precarious position upon your arrival. But it’s also worth knowing zoning and restrictions around your new home, as you don’t want your quiet neighborhood to turn into a high-rise nightmare down the road.

4. Be ready to present your case

If you’re moving into an area that has a Homeowner’s Association or are looking at a condo or co-op, you may need to be approved before the sale goes through. Make sure any documentation of finances is always accessible and in order, and work with your agent and an attorney to ensure that the organization is financially viable.


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4 Steps That Will Help You Find A Luxury Home In A Family-Friendly Area

When shopping for a new home in Redlands, CA, you want to take into consideration the needs of everyone in your household, from kids to older parents. This will help you narrow down your search and give you some helpful parameters.

And if you’re looking for a luxury home, you’ll find that your choices are streamlined even more. The good news is that you’ll also discover luxury homes and peaceful neighborhoods often go hand-in-hand.

If you want to find a new home in a family-friendly neighborhood, these are some helpful tips to get started.

1. Do Not Go It Alone

The easiest way to discover your new luxury home in the right neighborhood? Work with a trusted and experienced Redlands real estate agent. Not only will they know what communities to steer you towards, but they’ll also help you find the right place, for the right price — without skimping on luxury.

2. Visit the Neighborhood Regularly

Found one or two areas to focus your search in? Visit those places on the weekends, during the week, and at night, and start to get a feel for what it would be like living there. It’s a good sign if you see playgrounds and children playing in the street.

3. Watch Street Traffic

A luxury home on a cul-de-sac is a dream for parents, as you know your children are relatively protected from speeding cars. But street traffic can be a problem with other neighborhood roads that may be improperly used as through-streets or by commercial traffic. When you visit homes and check out areas, be sure to see what traffic is like during different parts of the day.

4. Vet Local Schools

Are there schools near to the home that your children will attend? Or will they need to travel to get to an alternative? Finding a neighborhood that’s near enough to your kid’s school will help make it safer and more accessible for them to get there and back.


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3 Popular Upgrades For Luxury Properties In Redlands, CA

The secret truth about upgrades when it comes time to sell your home is: choose wisely. Not every buyer will see the same value in the additions you’ve made, which can lead to lower bids than you may have wanted.

But at the same time, the right upgrades can make your house command more attention from buyers. Even if you don’t recoup the full expense of some of these changes, you’ll increase the chance of more interest and a faster sale.

Before you call your contractor, see how many of these upgrades your home already has — and which may be right before you plan to sell.

Wine Rooms

Wine cellars are found in many luxury homes, as they are a way to safely protect bottles from going bad. When you invest serious money in wine, you don’t want to store it in a kitchen cabinet. A wine room can double as an entertainment space, and you can even include additional beverages by building out a bar. 

Not all homes will have the right space for a dedicated wine room, so you can create a similar protective effect by installing wine racks and a wine fridge.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Is there anything more luxurious than getting out of the shower and stepping onto a warm tile floor? Radiant floor heaters are used in homes throughout the colder parts of the country but are useful for anyone in any locale when used in a bathroom space. If you’re not ready for a whole system, even simple upgrades like heated towel bars will make you more comfortable and will impress buyers looking for luxury.

Quality Fixtures

In luxury homes, it’s not uncommon to find both a stand-alone bathtub and a shower, at least in the master bathroom. When you use high-quality fixtures, such as rain showers and a selection of body spray options, your home stands out a bit more than generic ones. For larger showers, you can even install multiple shower heads for a truly spa-like experience.