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4 Luxury Home Trends You Probably Don’t Know

When it comes to luxury homes, buyers typically have certain assumptions before visiting a property: quality, class, and modern convenience. And along with those factors, buyers can usually also expect a higher price when shopping for a luxury home in Redlands, CA.

But as the times change, so do definitions of luxury, and some modern home trends reflect a society that is connected, green, and high-tech. These are four little-known luxury home trends that can help Redlands home sellers set their property apart.


Particularly in a state like California, the more water and energy-efficient your home is, the better for your surrounding environment. From green roofs to turf lawns, environmentally friendly home amenities will always be attractive to buyers.

Elaborate Kitchens

Kitchen styles in luxury homes tend to be extreme: minimalist or baroque. But whatever your specific look, the current trend is to turn your kitchen into its own entertainment area, so you can cook for friends or family without needing to be in a separate room.

Recreation Spots

You may have a tennis court or a putting green in your backyard, but do you have an ice rink? From basketball to soccer, more and more luxury homeowners are installing full-scale sports facilities for entertainment at home. When selling your home, see if there are areas on your property that could be used for this purpose — you may be able to attract new buyers with your ideas.

Super Security

Your iPhone can be accessed using your fingerprint or face, now your home can too. From important areas within your house to general access, ensure that no one unknown gets in. Potential buyers of luxury homes in Redlands will be enticed by high-tech biometric security.

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