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4 Pricey First-Time Seller Mistakes To Avoid in Redlands CA and Area

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Selling your first home means parting with the first place you owned. But it also means getting out of the way for showings, considering offers, and potentially shopping for another home at the same time.

For first-time home sellers, there are plenty of missteps to avoid that can be complicated by everything you have to juggle. However, these four mistakes can end up costing you big bucks.

Trying it Yourself

As a first-time seller, it may sound appealing to get rid of a real estate agent’s commission by listing your home yourself. But once you see the time and extra expense this requires, it’s clear why a seller’s agent easily deserves that money. The right agent knows how much homes sell for in your area, and can help you appropriately value your place. Plus, they’ll do the heavy-lifting when it comes to negotiating offers and weeding out insincere shoppers.

Giving in to Your Emotions

Stop thinking about that first family home in Redlands, CA that you’ve loved as your special place, and start thinking about it like a product you have to sell. Whatever your choices for moving, your goal now is to make the right sale happen. Sell prospective buyers on your home the way you did when you bought it, and redecorate and stage it like a clean slate that they can imagine themselves in.

Forgoing Needed Repairs

If you’re selling your house anyway, why would you put in extra money for repairs? Here’s the deal: you’re going to be paying for those repairs in one sense or another, whether buyers end up offering less money or ask for credit back to cover the repairs. Instead, be proactive so that you’re presenting your home at its best right off the bat.

Not Pricing It Right

The worst move you can make when it comes to selling your home is pricing it too low or too high. You’ll either get less than you could have, or end up sitting and waiting as homes around you sell at market price. With the average sales price in Redlands, CA coming in at $435,000, you don’t want to find out that it was your wrong price that held up a deal. Working with a real estate agent is the best way to protect yourself from pricing mishaps, as they can value your house based on metrics like other sales, location, and renovations.

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