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4 Steps That Will Help You Relocate To Redlands With Ease — And Style

You just received the news — it’s time to move out-of-state for work, health, or family. 

Now what?

Moving is never a simple process, even if you’re just headed a couple of blocks away. Moving across the country, on the other hand, can be a bit more of a challenge.

And when you’re shopping for a luxury home in your new destination of Redlands, it can be even harder to figure out which properties are truly luxurious, and which only look that way. Not to mention, some luxury homeowners may not publicly list their homes, meaning working with an agent is the only way to know they exist.

That’s why your first step should always be to contact an established and respected local real estate agent. Before you’ve even set foot in your new city, they’ll know the properties to show you, and the ones to avoid.

Your agent will help walk you through the process, whether you’re onsite or not, but these are four additional steps you can take to make your transition smooth.

1. Check out listings — within reason 

Looking through available listings is a great way to know what you can generally expect for homes in the area. But you don’t want to fall in love with something sight-unseen just because it photographs well. Make sure to also check out what’s around the property on Google Maps.

2. Make financing easier

If you already have an existing relationship with a national bank, it’s definitely worth approaching them about financing early on. Because they know what your portfolio looks like and have a history of doing business with you, the process can move faster. 

3. Anticipate what could come

Are you interested in a new construction property in Redlands? You want to be sure that potential construction delays don’t put you in a precarious position upon your arrival. But it’s also worth knowing zoning and restrictions around your new home, as you don’t want your quiet neighborhood to turn into a high-rise nightmare down the road.

4. Be ready to present your case

If you’re moving into an area that has a Homeowner’s Association or are looking at a condo or co-op, you may need to be approved before the sale goes through. Make sure any documentation of finances is always accessible and in order, and work with your agent and an attorney to ensure that the organization is financially viable.


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