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5 Essential Techniques To Conquer Negotiations When Selling A Luxury Home In Redlands, CA

When selling a luxury home in a desirable area like Redlands, CA, it’s not unusual to receive an offer quickly. In fact, you may receive several offers.

But once you get those offers, it’s time to enter negotiations, and this is, unfortunately, one of the areas that sellers tend to get confused — which can have disastrous consequences for a sale. Knowing these five techniques will help your experience selling real estate in Redlands be successful.

1. Listen To Your Agent

The single most important thing to do during negotiations is to trust and listen to your real estate agent. They should be the principal negotiators as they’ll know your home — without the emotional baggage.

2. There’s No Crying In Real Estate

Speaking of, emotion can be fatal to your home sale if it goes unchecked. You’re seeing your home through one lens, the buyer will see it through their own. Don’t be swayed by irrelevant emotions when it comes to considering who should buy your home.

3. Know Your Stuff

You don’t want to agree to certain contingencies that require you to fix parts of your home without knowing if — and how much — that damage extends. Having a home inspection before listing your property will help you prepare for what to agree to and avoid during negotiations.

4. Pick Your Battles

If the seller insists upon an upgrade that will only cost you a few thousand dollars, give it to them to avoid risking the sale. But don’t give into buyer asks just because you feel like you have to. Unless your real estate agent advises you to accept a particular concession, don’t agree to it.

5. NEVER Go Direct

Don’t talk to the buyer during negotiations, whether they call you or write you a letter. At best, they’re using emotions to sway your decision; at worst, they’re hoping you’ll spill something that will drop their price. Always let your agent be the one who goes between you.



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