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5 Ways You Can Add A Home Gym To Your Luxury Redlands Home

If your luxury home isn’t up-to-date with the latest amenities, you’re potentially losing buyers. And while you don’t want to spend too much on upgrades and amenities before selling your home, some will boost your home’s value, and your enjoyment while living there.

One of those features? A home gym. No matter how big or small a room, a home gym allows buyers to see the space used, visualizing what they would do with it themselves. How can you get started creating a home gym for your Redlands, CA luxury home?

1. What Fits with The Rest of Your Home?

You want your home gym’s feel and style to match the rest of your home, although feel free to play with variations suitable to the room’s purpose. Spaces with brick walls or wood planks can add a pared-down look that helps you focus on your workout.

2. Find A Room with Natural Light

Working out under bright lighting fixtures isn’t going to inspire you to stay motivated; working out with a view of the outdoors in natural lighting will. If you don’t have big windows in the space you want to use, consider adding skylights or using a room with an exterior door that can be opened.

3. Add A Smart Home Entertainment System

Play the music you want, whenever you want, and change it at will with a smart entertainment system. Raise and lower the volume or swap the song without missing a beat. Choose speakers that will give you a surround sound experience, so you stay engaged.

4. Get Some Basic Equipment

You don’t need a full-service gym to get yourself sweating, some barbells and a bike or treadmill will be sufficient. Do make sure to leave an open area for yoga, cardio, or other similar workouts.

5. Provide A Durable Surface

You want a floor that gives just a little while providing support to knees, ankles, and other joints. Look for surfaces that are easy to clean, so you don’t end up with gym odors.

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