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6 Things To Consider When Starting Your Search For A Vintage Luxury Home

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Are you ready to upgrade from your home to something more spacious and sophisticated, with a rich history?

Looking for a vintage luxury home can be a different experience than looking for a newer home. First of all, you’ll find prices to be higher, but you’ll also have more decisions to make before and during the process as to the care, renovation, and modernization of your new home.

Some of the key factors to think about when starting your home for a luxury vintage property include:

  1. Space (interior and exterior): If you want a sprawling backyard, you won’t want to look at older properties in more established and developed neighborhoods. And if you’re concerned about space to spread out inside you’ll want to find a home with the square footage you need.
  2. Age: Do you want a home from a specific design time period? Remember, the older the home, the harder, and more expensive, it may be to upgrade to newer systems.
  3. Historic Significance: A luxury historic home will likely have been noticed before you came around. Did someone write about the home, or did it win an award? It may also have been designed by a notable architect, giving it cultural relevance as an artifact, as well as the place you live.
  4. Previous Restorations: What work has been done on the house, and was it of a high enough quality? Did previous owners remove original details or restore them?
  5. Maintenance and Upkeep: Your property will need caring for while you own it, so you’ll want to make sure you find the right people to help. For things like special woodwork or unique tile, you want to have resources ready to fix anything that needs it.
  6. Price: You’ll pay more for a luxury vintage home, but you’ll be purchasing a part of history. Figure out what premium you’re willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind home.

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