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6 Unique Features Found In Luxury Redlands, CA Homes For Sale

When it comes down to it, a luxury home is defined as such because it has the amenities and features that help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

The great part about the idea of luxury is that it will ultimately mean different things to different people. You may see curb appeal and square footage as the determiner, while someone else may consider location as such.

But no matter what your actual idea of a luxury home in Redlands, CA is, these are some undeniable features found in homes for sale that will make you question what you need and what you want.

  1. Bowling Alleys: Whether you have kids or not, one of the unique features you can have in your home is a bowling alley. Just two lanes are all you need to provide endless entertainment to yourself and guests.
  2. Wine Cellars: How else can you protect your wine stock than with a custom climate-controlled wine cellar. You’ll never have to worry about a surprise bottle gone bad, and you’ll always have options on hand for any guests.
  3. Fruit Trees: You can install any landscaping you want at your property, but a luxury vintage home with established groves will be a completely different experience.
  4. Unique Architecture: If you’re interested in the unique architecture found in historic homes preserved over the years, Redlands, CA has plenty of them. From a 1914 award-winning Arts and Crafts home to properties used as backdrops for period-piece films, there’s no shortage of original housing stock that brings luxury to a new level.
  5. Sports Facilities: From a tennis court to a basketball court, to a full-length soccer field, you can customize your property to be accessible for any activity you want at any time.
  6. Horse Properties: Redlands is strategically located in Southern California, and it’s also a place where you can find acreage suitable for horses. Many homes have existing barns, and others have more than enough space to customize your own.

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