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Hoping To Downsize? What You Need To Know Before Looking At Listings  

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One of the reasons people flock to Redlands, CA is the laid-back, community-focused atmosphere. With a comfortable climate and proximity to major cities in Southern California, Redlands is often a choice for people who don’t want the hustle-and-bustle of a metropolis.

For that reason, Redlands is an excellent opportunity for those of retirement age to downsize their family home to access a relaxed lifestyle near to everything you still need. Whether you’re looking to downsize in your later years or are looking for ways to cut down your current costs, there are some things to consider before you even start looking at listings in Redlands.

What Is Your Long-Term Plan?

If you’re looking for a home to stay in for retirement years, are you hoping to leave that property or funds from its sale to your family? If you’re not in your retirement years yet, do you have plans for a family or a home business? Make sure you’re not downsizing in the wrong areas.

What Will You Do With Your Furnishings?

Moving from a five-bedroom family home in Redlands to a two-bedroom condo will save you lots of money, but will your current furnishings even fit into your new home? Consider selling furniture from your previous home to invest in small space-friendly furnishings.

How Much Will Your New Home Cost You?

Moving from a bigger home to a smaller one that costs the same amount isn’t quite downsizing – you’re better off keeping your spacious property unless you’re saving on taxes or maintenance. But more than the initial cost of the home, what will you need to spend on repairs, upgrades, or other areas that may require overhauling before your home is comfortably livable?

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