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How To Avoid Problems Selling Your Redlands Home From The Start

When you’re having trouble selling your luxury home, it can be easy to blame everyone else. Your listing agent isn’t working hard enough, your neighbors are distracting buyers, and on and on.

But it’s more likely that the culprit is you.

As a homeowner, you’re the most invested in the sales process; you’re the one who will be walking out with a big check at the end, so you’re equally responsible when it comes to problems with your sale.

However, when you start being proactively involved with your Redlands luxury home sale, you’ll reduce the likelihood of problems that block your transaction. And when you start early on in the sale process, everyone will have a smoother time from start to finish.

Have Your Home Inspected

Your home was probably inspected before you bought it, and will be again when you sell it, but a lot can happen in between. The earlier you have a pre-sales home inspection, the earlier you’ll find out about any problems that could slow down, or even cancel, the sale. Not to mention, you’ll have more leverage at the bargaining table because you already know the documented condition of your home.

Check Your Home’s Title

It’s likely that your home’s title was checked when you bought it, but based on the type of sale and financing, it may not have. Problems with the home title can stop your sale in its tracks.

The title traces the home’s previous ownership and any issues, such as liens and debts, that may give someone else a claim to part or all of the property. For example, if the last homeowner had a divorce early on in their ownership, the divorcee may still be listed on the title — and must be found to relinquish any claim. Even an easy title issue can extend your wait for the closing table.


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