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Is It Worth Having An Open House For Your Redlands, CA Luxury Property

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To hold an open house or not? The question has plagued home sellers and real estate agents for ages.

An open house can seem like a no-brainer, but it can also be a security risk for owners of luxury homes in Redlands, CA. Do you open up your home to anyone who can walk in or do you stick with scheduled walkthroughs with your real estate agent?

There are reasons both to hold an open house and not to — which is the right decision for your sale?

Pro: Buyers Expect Them

Not every potential buyer wants to see your home for the first time through the eyes of a real estate agent, which is why the casual nature of open houses tends to attract buyers in the first place. If a buyer starts their search by looking at open houses, you won’t get your property in front of their eyes without one.

Con: You Don’t Know Levels Of Interest

A problem with open houses is that there is no guarantee that everyone who visits wants to or can buy your luxury home. You’re giving up a weekend day or weekday night at home to allow strangers to come in, without knowing whether they’re actually interested in buying.

Pro: Potentially Faster Sales

Open houses are typically held within a week or two of a property’s listing, which means you can draw attention to your home without waiting for the right eyes to find it. That means you could close the deal quickly if someone sees just what they like in your home.

Con: Potential Security Issues

For luxury homeowners, an open house can mean disrupting everything. You don’t want any valuables on hand and visible to strangers, and you also may not want to worry about potential damage to things like art or furniture. What happens if someone’s elbow goes through your Frank Stella?


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