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Selling Your Home in Redlands CA and Area? Time To Hide Those Eyesores  

selling your home

You’ve decided to list your Redlands, CA home for sale – now what?

While you’ll need to hire a real estate agent, decide on a price, and deal with all of the others ins and outs of selling a home, one of the first steps you can take is to declutter your home. The earlier you start this process, the less you‘ll have to scramble when it comes time to hold real estate showings and open houses. Not to mention, clearing out your home of unnecessary stuff now will make it easier on you when it comes time to leave your home for the last time.

These 18 easy tips can help you hide your eyesores that will detract from your home’s first impression on prospective buyers.

  1. Clean everything.
  2. Add a coat of paint to your garage door.
  3. Paint your interior walls with a low-sheen finish; matte tends to attract a mess and high-gloss will show every imperfection on your wall.
  4. Charge your devices in a drawer.
  5. Cover wires from electronics.
  6. Replace shower curtains
  7. Spruce up ugly tiles with a bit of paint or refinisher.
  8. Refinish your bathtub in a weekend with a DIY kit.
  9. Hide trash bins in the pantry or under your counters.
  10. Hang or store bathroom accessories and tools.
  11. Cover bedsprings with a bed skirt or do-it-yourself with some fabric and a staple gun.
  12. Get weatherproof storage bins to hide outdoor trashcans.
  13. Cover thermostats and circuit breakers with a little artwork.
  14. Use chalkboard paint to cover heavily-used doors or other areas that are susceptible to dings.
  15. Cover laminate counters with adhesive or paint-on faux-granite.
  16. Disguise ugly fences behind hedges.
  17. Replace bulbs and even outdated light fixtures.
  18. Use rugs inside to cover old carpeting, and outside to bring a pop of color.

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