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What To Consider Before Buying A Second Home in Redlands, CA

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When you want a second home somewhere that transports you out of the city — without the distance — then Redlands, CA is a perfect place to start your search. You’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustle in a quick drive from Southern California’s metropolitan areas.

If you’re ready to search for a second home in Redlands, ask yourself these four questions before you get started.

1. Is Your Goal To Get Away?

People typically buy a second home for one of two reasons: as a vacation home, or as an income-producer. If your goal is to be close to the mountains and the desert air, then Redlands is an ideal destination.

2. How Much Home Can You Afford?

If you’re planning on getting a mortgage for your second home, start the process as early as possible so you know how much home you can actually afford. Be sure to factor in maintenance costs and taxes when evaluating a property’s total price.

3. Do You Have A Local Real Estate Agent?

If you don’t live in the area of your home search, it’s essential that you have a real estate agent that specializes in luxury home sales in Redlands. They can help you understand the market and what your likely cost options are, and will be an indispensable resource to help you find everything you need for your second home.

4. Can You Get There Quickly?

You don’t want a vacation home that is too far away from where you live, or you’ll find yourself using it less than you may have hoped. Being close to your second home is also vital to maintain systems and keep an eye on your property’s condition. Whether you want to pay for a full-time property manager or not, when you can be onsite, you can better evaluate problems and potential solutions. That’s why Redlands, only an hour’s drive from Los Angeles and two from San Diego, is an attractive alternative for a vacation home you’ll actually use.


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