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When Should You List Your Redlands CA and Area Home For Sale?  

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There is a lot of advice out there on the best time to sell your Redlands Ca home, depending on the day of the week, month, or even time of year. But when it comes down to it, the right time to sell your home will predominantly depend on where you live and what the market around you is like.

If you want to sell your home in Redlands, CA, you’ll be looking at a very different time frame from someone selling their house in Massachusetts. With the benefits of pleasant weather year-round and a consistently robust real estate market, you’ll have more options to get the right price for your place at the time you want.

Spring Sales

Spring is generally considered to be the best time to sell a home as markets that have been slumbering during winter are ready to bloom. Between April and May, you’ll notice an uptick in every market around the country for reasons beyond weather; tax refunds have come back, and families are looking for places to move into over the summer when kids are out of school.

Summer Sales

Markets tend to slow a bit over the summer as people take vacations and find ways to stay out of the heat. But you still have the benefit of kids out of school, meaning families want to have a new home settled on before the start of the school year.

Fall Sales

Unlike markets with winter weather, you may not notice much of a change between summer and fall sales in Redlands, CA. You can still bank on some urgency when it comes to families who don’t want to change schools mid-year.

Winter Sales

For many markets, winter slows real estate sales down. But for those in California, seasonal weather all-year means real estate sales stay strong.

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